Storformat udstyr der øger udbytte og letter håndtering

Fotoba har udviklet en komplet udstyrslinje til optimering af processer og håndtering af medier, som vi er eksperter i at implementere i alle typer workflows. PMH Systems er leverandør af komplette løsninger til optimering af din produktionslinje. 



Jumbo Roll Loader (Feeder)

Drastically reduces the loading time and feed the printer seamless by unwinding heavy rolls


Automated motorised feeder for jumbo rolls

The JRL170 is an automated motorised feeder for jumbo rolls and functions in tandem, allowing printers and cutters to run at high speed even with very heavy rolls.

It can be loaded with rolls up to 400 Kg and 60 cm diameter, and is very easy to load by one single operator.

Can work separately in case of need to use them for a different application.

Canon Colorado 1640/165

Fotoba has designed a complete line of accessories which in combination to a Canon Colorado 1640/1650 printer provide a production workhorse that can transform Jumbo rolls into ready for delivery customized printed media. In other words, a COLORADO that can run unattended all day long!

The UVgel Factory builds on the printing dimensional stability and productivity of the Canon Colorado. The solution provides an extra productivity by reducing drastically the loading time using a motorized Fotoba Jumbo Roll media loader model JRL170 to feed the printer seamless.


Inliner Buffer

Buffer that accumulates the media controlling the action of the cutter while the printer is plotting


Pneumatically controlled buffer

While the printer is plotting, the buffer accumulates the media controlling the action of the cutter.

It is available for all XLD cutters independently from speed and width.

With this device it is possible to reduce the workflow to a single process. The file is sent to the printer and the job is ready for delivery right after.



Output Stacker for XLD Series

Inline material collecting table that allows unattended cutting of media


XLD 170/210 Series Output Stacker

The Stacker 170/210 is a collecting table made for inline production with the XLD170 series.

The stacker is equipped with a motorised feeding unit and a table that allows unattended cutting of media.

Job lengths varying from 50 cm up to 3 mt can be handled seemlessly.

It removes meadia outputs handling operator’s assistance.



REW 162 ReWinding Unit

Creates a fully automated solution for cutting and coreless rewinding applications


REW 162 Multiple Tiles ReWinding Unit (165 cm)

The coreless rewinder creates a fully automated solution for cutting and coreless rewinding applications.

As stand alone the coreless rewinder is able to operate without being inline with a cutter and permits full inspection of prints between cutting and rewinding.

The REW 162 is also a fully automated solution for FSH 42 INLINE CUTTER for printing – cutting – rewinding applications.



Effortless and convenient winding of long banners directly after cutting


Long banner rewinder

Avoid having to roll up long banners manually after cutting. The Winder does the job automatically.

The long banner winder is an accessory for the XLD170, XL series and the XLD320, which allows winding of rolls directly after cutting.