Storformat sy- og svejsemaskiner

Matic sy- og svejse maskiner er et af verdens førende systemer af færdiggørelsesudstyr til storformat produktion

Matic udstyr spænder fra automatiserede symaskiner med transportbånd, der gør det nemt at sy keder på textil, til automatiske impuls svejsemaskiner til lommer, overlapninger, forstærkninger, lynlåse, keder mv. Der findes udstyr til alle produktionsanlæg - fra indgangsniveau til storproduktion. 

Matic udstyr er ideelt til færdiggørelse af SEG displays, beachflag, bannere, rullegardiner, udendørs afskærmning, digital textilprint, stofgardiner, sejl, pergolaer o.lign.



Storformat symaskiner

Matic Cronos Ultimate Automatic Sewing Machine

Flexible and automatic sewing machine for the production of flags, displays, banners, tents and curtains and more...


The highest quality and most flexible solution for sewing textiles.

Auto feeding and cutting of flat profile along with a selection of guides will output your work quickly and reliably with minimal operator involvement. Easy to use and fast, the CRONOS sewing system allows users to achieve consistently high-quality flat seams, reduces production time and increases output. Conveyor lock enables production of curved seams for teardrop flags, etc.

A big solution in a small package. CRONOS utilizes only 4m2 (43ft2) of work space, allowing it to fit in any size workroom.


  • Flat profile
  • Double hem
  • Automatic tape cutting and feeding system
  • Puller device for heavy fabric
  • Quick Change Mode
  • Fabric box in front of the machine
  • Tension free for flat profile
  • Storage for bobbins and guides



Matic Cronos Go! Sewing Station

Entrylevel Sewing Station. The right tool for SEG, pockets and hook and loop fastener.


With the Cronos GO sewing station from Matic you can choose between a standard sitting operation, or work standing up for a more ergonomic position.

The Cronos GO! sewing station is the right entrylevel tool to do SEG applications (silicone or PVC keder) as well as pockets, hems and hook and loop fastener, on fabrics and PVC. This double needle sewing machine is a great addition to bring production in-house with a small foot print and economical cost.


  • Double needle sewing head
  • SEG motorized feeding
  • SEG cutter
  • Guides can be added to do hook and loop fastener and pockets
  • Sitting or standing operation

Storformat svejsemaskiner

Matic Hera Automatic Impulse Welding Machine

Matic HERA creates a new dimension in functionality and flexibility for all welding applications.


Matic HERA is a revolutionary concept of automatic welding machines that prove to be the most technologically advanced welding machines on the market.

It is now possible to make fully automatic hems pockets from 0mm to 85 mm with the same machine. Includes Matic's patented "Seamless Technology" for creating invisible welds and double pocket feature. With the HERA, you will easily create hem pockets, double pockets, overlaps, simple welds, reinforced welds, zipper welds, keder (spline) welds, without the need of a skilled operator.

HERA utilizes electric impulse technology which is ideal for textiles such as PVC, solar screens, acrylics, polyesters and many others.


  • Fully automatic, impulse welding machine for welding hems, pockets, overlaps, Keder and zipper. 
  • Patented “Seamless” technology creates virtually invisible welds.
  • Welds PVC, textiles for banners, large format prints, light boxes, etc.
  • Capable of welding up to 6 meters in one weld.
  • Electronically adjustable pocket sizes from 0 to 88 mm depending on the electrode size.
  • Interchangeable welding bars in 6, 10, 20, 25, 40 mm width.
  • Touchscreen operation is intuitive and allows saving and editing programs for different types of fabric and operation groups.
  • Designed for single-operator use with minimal training, reducing production cost and time.

Matic Vulcano Hot Air Welder

Automatic hot air welding machine for PVC banners.


 Easy to use with limited floorspace, the Vulcano offers you the highest output for your production. The conveyor belt helps the operator by transporting the banner in a constant speed in order to achieve superior welding strength and quality. Ideal for welding hems, pockets, hem cords (rope hems) in an easy and productive way


  • Hot air welding.
  • Adjustable speed for the conveyor belt.
  • Easily adjustable speed, temperature and air power.
  • Special folding and application guides warranty an easy operation.
  • Small footprint – less than 4 m2
  • Applications: hemming, pockets up to 130 mm, hem cord.
  • Foot pedal to move the conveyor belt forward and backward.